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Smart card has a microprocessor chip embedded inside it. This chip stores all the required information which has been programmed on to its memory to carry out predefined tasks. Smart cards are used in our daily lives for various purposes in all industry verticals, such as access to buildings via entry/exit points, in transaction processes at shopping malls and restaurants, for claiming royalty points, in banking applications and electronic payments, at health care centers for storing medical records/personal contact information for use in emergency. And one of the most significant areas of utility being in the telecommunications sector, where they are used as mobile phone SIM cards and also prominently at college/work campus where students and staff can access the library information, cafeteria and other resources easily thereby saving valuable time and energy. Over the years we have built a very mature practice that is capable of executing complex and large smart card projects on a turnkey basis. We provide end-to-end solutions starting from card personalization to smart card readers, interactive kiosks to acquiring systems and application software. Our experience, expertise, and efficiency makes us your ideal partner for effective smart card solutions.

Smart Card based Solutions
  • Employee ID Card Solution
  • Campus Card Solution
  • Health Card Solution
  • Loyalty Card Solution
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