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We believe the success of any business in today’s competitive marketing environment is to adapt to changing business climate and staying ahead of competition through continuous upgrades to processes and system. Application maintenance becomes the core activity which covers support of application to minor fixes to the applications to major enhancements.

ITAbode has a well-defined and mature application maintenance process which allows effective capture, reporting resolution of maintenance requests. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to optimize, Innovate and expand your application.
Our application maintenance services delivers
  • Increased quality of services through continuous improvements
  • Reduction in TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Increase in productivity
  • Faster turn around time
  • Improvement in application stability
  • Reduction in support costs
Application maintenance activities at ITAbode are bound by SLA framework with critical service level and quality process and result measures which includes
  • Application maintenance productivity
  • Schedule compliance
  • Maintenance scope management
  • Budget adherence
  • Project status
  • Delivered product quality

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