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Communication is most critical aspect of any project success or failure, thus it has to be handle with utmost importance and attention.

Bettersense communication model is the key factor between two parties engross in software product development through the offshore outsourcing. Communication model of offshore outsourcing includes communication through various communication channels like email, online voice/text/video based chat, FTP, IP telephony, telefax or telephone and fax etc.

Proper communication between the company and offshore outsourcing service provider will provide the following:
  • Regular contact between company and its offshore outsourcing service provider in order to keep transparency in all transactions.
  • Provide a medium to conveying proper information regarding project requirements and other related instruction in clear and concise format.
  • Facilitates in providing proper feedback of the project day to day activities and status.
  • Facilitates in clarify all the possible doubts that may can rise in due course of product development or after that.
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