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Better sense offshore delivery model is flexible and as per specific client needs and generally project manager will go to the onsite for understanding the prerequisites of the project who in turn delegates the refined project requirement in the form of project specifications to the offshore coordinator, then after detailed analysis of the provided project specification, development work is started and status of the project will be informed to project manager onsite who then communicate it to the client.

In case of application development after completion of the development and system testing software application will be delivered and implemented at the client end onsite with product training.

In case of online application or web site development once the work is completed, it will be tested and delivered online with the help of our associated secured data centres and further training will provided either online from the offshore outsourcing development centre or onsite with the help of our trainers.

Thus, we provide a mix blend of onsite, offsite and hybrid type of offshore delivery model for our valuable clients.
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